Tax Bulletins

The Utah State Tax Commission periodically issues Tax Bulletins outlining tax-related issues. Bulletins are kept on this site for approximately three years. Relevant information from older bulletins is available on our Sales Tax Rates page, in Tax Publications, or elsewhere on our site.

BulletinDateEffective DateTitle
1-202020-04-01Apr 1, 2020Sales Tax Rate Changes
2-202020-04-01Apr 1, 2020Brighton, Marysvale and Vineyard Impose Municipality Transient Room Tax
3-202020-07-01Jul 1, 2020Transient Room Tax Rate Changes
4-202020-07-01Jul 1, 2020New Tax and Bond Requirement for Certain Electronic Cigarettes Products
5-202020-10-01Oct 1, 2020Military Recreation Projects Impose Municipal Telecommunications License Tax
6-202021-01-01Jan 1, 20212021 Fuel Tax Rates
7-202021-01-01Jan 1, 2021Minersville and Monroe Impose Municipality Transient Room Tax
8-202021-01-01Jan 1, 2021Morgan City Imposes City or Town Option Sales and Use Tax to Fund Highways and Public Transit
9-202021-01-01Jan 1, 2021Prepaid Disposable Cell Phone Tax Rate Increase
1-212021-04-01Apr 1, 2021Orderville Imposes Municipality Transient Room Tax
2-212021-04-01Apr 1, 2021Piute County Imposes Restaurant Tax
3-212021-04-01Apr 1, 2021Ephraim and Moab Impose Botanical, Cultural, Recreational and Zoological Tax
4-212021-07-01Jul 1, 2021Kanab Imposes Botanical, Cultural, Recreational and Zoological Tax
5-212021-07-01Jul 1, 2021Tax Imposed on Sales of Certain Nicotine Products – REVISED on August 10, 2021
6-212021-01-01Jan 1, 2021Insurance Premium Tax Rate on Workers’ Compensation Premiums
7-212022-01-01Jan 1, 20222022 Fuel Tax Rates
8-212022-01-01Jan 1, 2022Transient Room Tax Rate Changes
9-212022-01-01Jan 1, 2022Farr West Imposes Municipal Telecommunications License Tax
10-212022-01-01Jan 1, 2022Grand County Imposes Off-highway and Recreational Vehicle Short-term Rental Tax
1-222022-04-01Apr 1, 2022Sales Tax Rate Changes
2-222022-04-01Apr 1, 2022Transient Room Tax Rate Changes
3-222022-04-01Apr 1, 2022Riverdale Imposes Municipal Telecommunications License Tax
4-222022-07-01Jul 1, 2022Dutch John, Hideout, Mantua and Providence Impose Municipality Transient Room Tax
5-222022-07-01Jul 1, 2022Erda City Incorporates
6-222022-07-01Jul 1, 2022New Inland Port Sales Tax Locations
7-222022-05-01May 1, 2022New Withholding Tables (Publication 14)
8-222022-10-01Oct 1, 2022Sales Tax Rate Changes
9-222022-10-01Oct 1, 2022Bountiful and Manti Impose Municipality Transient Room Tax
10-222023-01-01Jan 1, 20232023 Fuel Tax Rates
1-232023-04-01Apr 1, 2023Lakepoint City Incorporates
2-232023-04-01Apr 1, 2023Sales Tax Rate Changes
3-232023-04-01Apr 1, 2023Riverton and Annabella Impose Municipality Transient Room Tax

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