Current Forms

Sales tax returns must be filed online using Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) and we no longer accept paper-based filing for these forms, so most sales tax forms are not available on this site.

NumberOrdering NumberOnlineNameRevised_RevisedTax TypeItem TypeStatusTax YearFile Period End_File Period EndDraft StateFinal ETA_Final ETAEffective Date_Effective Date
ACH Debit TemplateACH DebitACH Debit Request Template – For use in TAP (income withholding and mineral production withholding only)2011-06-21Jun 21, 2011WithholdingFormCurrent
ACH Debit Template InstructionsACH Debit InstructionsACH Debit Request Template Instructions2012-06-06Jun 6, 2012WithholdingFormCurrent
TC-5 TemplateTC-0005 TemplateeFileOil and Gas Conservation Fee Return – For file periods beginning January 1, 20182018-07-31Jul 31, 2018Oil, Gas, SeveranceFormCurrent
TC-5 Template InstructionsTC-0005 Template InstructionseFileTC-5, Oil & Gas Conservation Fee Return and Schedules Excel Instructions – For file periods beginning January 1, 20182020-02-11Feb 11, 2020Oil, Gas, SeveranceFormCurrent
TC-5PCTC-0005PCePayOil & Gas Conservation Fee Payment Coupon2012-05-31May 31, 2012Oil, Gas, SeveranceFormCurrent
TC-20TC-0020Utah Corporation Franchise and Income Tax Return2020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Corporate IncomeFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-20 InstructionsTC-0020 InstructionsUtah Corporation Franchise and Income Tax Return Instructions2021-02-02Feb 2, 2021Corporate IncomeFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-20MCTC-0020MCUtah Tax Return for Miscellaneous Corporations2020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Corporate IncomeFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-20MC InstructionsTC-0020MC InstructionsUtah Tax Return Instructions for Miscellaneous Corporations2020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Corporate IncomeFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-20STC-0020SUtah S Corporation Return2020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Corporate IncomeFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-20S InstructionsTC-0020S InstructionsUtah S Corporation Return Instructions2021-02-02Feb 2, 2021Corporate IncomeFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-40TC-0040eFileUtah Individual Income Tax Return2020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Individual IncomeFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-40 InstructionsTC-0040 InstructionseFileUtah Individual Income Tax Return Instructions2021-02-02Feb 2, 2021Individual IncomeFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-40 Mini PacketTC-0040 minieFileUtah Individual Income Tax Return Mini Packet (TC-40, TC-40A, TC-40W, TC-547, no instructions)2020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Individual IncomeFormCurrent
TC-40 Full PacketTC-0040 packeteFileUtah Individual Income Tax Return Full Packet (all TC-40-series forms & payment coupon, no instructions)2020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Individual IncomeFormCurrent
TC-40ATC-0040AeFileSchedule A - Income Tax Supplemental Schedule2020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Individual IncomeFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-40BTC-0040BeFileSchedule B - Non and Part-year Resident Schedule2020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Individual IncomeFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-40CTC-0040CeFileSchedule C - Retirement Tax Credit Schedule2020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Individual IncomeFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-40ETC-0040EEnergy Systems Installation Tax Credit. NOTE: This form is provided by the Office of Energy Development if you qualify. Go to energy.utah.gov2008-12-01Dec 1, 2008Individual IncomeFormCurrentDraft
TC-40HTC-0040HHistoric Preservation Tax Credit2009-12-28Dec 28, 2009Individual IncomeFormCurrent
TC-40LITC-0040LISummary of Utah Low-Income Housing Tax Credit2020-06-30Jun 30, 2020Individual IncomeFormCurrent
TC-40LICTC-0040LICUtah Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Carryback and/or Carryforward2012-07-02Jul 2, 2012Individual IncomeFormCurrent
TC-40LISTC-0040LISCredit Share Summary of Low-Income Housing Project2008-12-01Dec 1, 2008Individual IncomeFormCurrent
TC-40RTC-0040RRecycling Market Development Zone Tax Credit2020-06-30Jun 30, 2020Individual IncomeFormCurrent
TC-40STC-0040SeFileCredit for Income Tax Paid to Another State2020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Individual IncomeFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-40TTC-0040TLive Organ Donation Expenses Credit2008-12-01Dec 1, 2008Individual IncomeFormCurrent
TC-40TCACTC-0040TCACState Low-income Housing Tax Credit Allocation Certification. This form is provided by the Utah Housing Corporation if you qualify. Go to utahhousingcorp.org2008-12-01Dec 1, 2008Individual IncomeFormCurrent
TC-40TSTC-0040TSTax Shelter Disclosure for Material Advisors2008-12-01Dec 1, 2008Individual IncomeFormCurrent
TC-40WTC-0040WeFileUtah Withholding Tax Schedule2020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Individual IncomeFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-41TC-0041Utah Fiduciary Income Tax Return2020-12-31Dec 31, 2020FiduciaryFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-41 InstructionsTC-0041 InstructionsUtah Fiduciary Income Tax Instructions2021-02-02Feb 2, 2021FiduciaryFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-42TC-0042Application for a Letter of Good Standing2017-04-30Apr 30, 2017Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-42STC-0042SApplication for a Letter of Good Standing for a Successor in Business2017-04-30Apr 30, 2017Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-43TC-0043Voluntary Disclosure Program Application2019-11-22Nov 22, 2019Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-49PCTC-0049PCePayInsurance Premium Tax Payment Coupon (replaces TC-670)2011-08-31Aug 31, 2011InsuranceFormCurrent
TC-51TC-0051Nexus Questionnaire2018-11-30Nov 30, 2018Corporate IncomeFormCurrent
TC-62DPATC-0062DPAUtah Sales and Use Tax Direct Payment Permit Application2009-02-01Feb 1, 2009SalesFormCurrent
TC-62E TemplateTC-0062E TemplateeFileMunicipal Energy Sales and Use Tax File Upload Template2019-07-31Jul 31, 2019SalesFormCurrent
TC-62E InstructionsTC-0062E Template InstructionsMunicipal Energy Sales and Use Tax File Upload Template Instructions2015-03-21Mar 21, 2015SalesFormCurrent
TC-62F TemplateTC-0062F TemplateeFileRestaurant Tax Return File Upload Template2021-03-17Mar 17, 2021SalesFormCurrent
TC-62F InstructionsTC-0062F Template InstructionsRestaurant Tax Return File Upload Template Instructions2021-03-17Mar 17, 2021SalesFormCurrent
TC-62GTC-0062GTransient Room Tax Refund Booklet for Governments. This coupon is not available online. See Pub 70 for more information.SalesFormCurrent
TC-62L TemplateTC-0062L TemplateeFileMotor Vehicle Rental Tax Return File Upload Template2021-03-17Mar 17, 2021SalesFormCurrent
TC-62L InstructionsTC-0062L Template InstructionsMotor Vehicle Rental Tax Return File Upload Template Instructions2021-03-17Mar 17, 2021SalesFormCurrent
TC-62M TemplateTC-0062M TemplateeFileUtah Sales and Use Tax Return for Multiple Places of Business2020-03-02Mar 2, 2020SalesFormCurrent
TC-62MLMTC-0062MLMMulti-Level Marketing Agreement2017-08-31Aug 31, 2017SalesFormCurrent
TC-62NTC-0062NUtah Sales Tax Refund Booklet for Religious or Charitable Organizations2007-08-01Aug 1, 2007SalesFormCurrent
TC-62PTC-0062PInstructions for Filing Refund Claims for Sales Tax Paid on Pollution Control Facilities2013-01-22Jan 22, 2013SalesFormCurrent
TC-62PCTC-0062PCePaySales Tax Payment Coupon2015-10-31Oct 31, 2015SalesFormCurrent
TC-62PRTC-0062PRApplication for Refund of Utah Sales and Use Tax2013-09-09Sep 9, 2013SalesFormCurrent
TC-62PR InstructionsTC-0062PR InstructionsSales and Use Tax Refund Requests InstructionsSalesFormCurrent
TC-62PR WorksheetTC-0062PR WorksheetWorksheet for TC-62PR2012-07-30Jul 30, 2012SalesFormCurrent
TC-62QTC-0062QUtah Sales Tax Sourcing Schedule2021-02-19Feb 19, 2021SalesFormCurrent
TC-62T TemplateTC-0062T TemplateeFileTransient Room Tax Excel Upload Template2021-03-03Mar 3, 2021SalesFormCurrent
TC-62T InstructionsTC-0062T Template InstructionsTransient Room Tax Template Instructions2021-03-17Mar 17, 2021SalesFormCurrent
TC-62WTemplateTC-0062W TemplateeFileMiscellaneous Tax Return File Upload Template2021-03-17Mar 17, 2021SalesFormCurrent
TC-62W InstructionsTC-0062W Template InstructionsMiscellaneous Tax Return File Upload Template Instructions2021-03-17Mar 17, 2021SalesFormCurrent
TC-62Z TemplateTC-0062ZeFileMunicipal Telecom License Tax2015-10-05Oct 5, 2015Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-62Z InstructionsTC-0062Z Template InstructionsMunicipal Telecom License Tax Instructions2015-03-21Mar 21, 2015Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-65TC-0065Utah Partnership/Limited Liability Partnership/Limited Liability Company Return of Income2020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Partnership/LLP/LLCFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-65 InstructionsTC-0065 InstructionsInstructions for Utah Partnership/LLP/LLC Return of Income2021-02-02Feb 2, 2021Partnership/LLP/LLCFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
Also submit appropriate TC-69 Schedule(s) (below)
TC-0069Register onlineUtah State Business and Tax Registration. Register online:
-- TAP (Tax Commission only)
-- OSBR (multiple Utah agencies)
2021-01-19Jan 19, 2021Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-69BTC-0069BAdditional business locations for an existing sales tax account2019-06-30Jun 30, 2019SalesFormCurrent
TC-69CTC-0069CNotice of Change for a Business Entity and/or Tax Account2020-11-17Nov 17, 2020Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-69 Schedule FUELTC-0069FUELRegister onlineTC-69 Schedule FUEL – Fuel Tax Types2019-06-30Jun 30, 2019FuelFormCurrent
TC-69 Schedule MSCTC-0069MSCRegister onlineTC-69 Schedule MSC – Miscellaneous Tax Types2019-06-30Jun 30, 2019Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-69 Schedule STCTC-0069STCRegister onlineTC-69 Schedule STC – Sales and Use Tax2020-11-17Nov 17, 2020SalesFormCurrent
TC-69 Schedule TOBTC-0069TOBRegister onlineTC-69 Schedule TOB – Cigarette and Tobacco2020-06-04Jun 4, 2020TobaccoFormCurrent
TC-69 Schedule WTHTC-0069WTHRegister onlineTC-69 Schedule WTH – Employer or Mineral Production Withholding2019-06-30Jun 30, 2019WithholdingFormCurrent
TC-72DTC-0072DReturn of Expired/Unused Motor Vehicle Inventory2014-02-26Feb 26, 2014DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-72ETC-0072EDealer Plate and Decal Requisition2016-12-20Dec 20, 2016DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-72FTC-0072FApportioned Plate and Decal Requisition2019-07-02Jul 2, 2019DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-72GTC-0072GOTS Return of Expired/Unused Motor Vehicle Inventory2013-12-31Dec 31, 2013DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-72HTC-0072HOTS Monthly Decal Requisition2014-06-18Jun 18, 2014DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-72JTC-0072JIFTA/SFU Decal Requisition2019-05-02May 2, 2019FuelFormCurrent
TC-73TC-0073Sales Tax Exemption Contract2010-01-31Jan 31, 2010SalesFormCurrent
TC-79TC-0079eFileCigarette Revenue Stamps Order Form2011-06-30Jun 30, 2011TobaccoFormCurrent
TC-86TC-0086Registration to Make Utah Tax Payments Through EFT ACH Credit2016-11-22Nov 22, 2016Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-90CBTC-0090CBeFileRenter Refund Application2021-03-30Mar 30, 2021PropertyFormCurrent
TC-90CYTC-0090CYLow Income Abatement and Homeowner’s Tax Credit Application2021-03-30Mar 30, 2021PropertyFormCurrent
TC-97MTC-0097MUtah Medical Savings Account Reconciliation1996-12-01Dec 1, 1996Corporate IncomeFormCurrent
TC-99TC-0099Cover Sheet for Substitute Forms Submissions2014-05-01May 1, 2014Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-101TC-0101Application for Sales Tax Simplified Electonic Return Software Certification2017-04-18Apr 18, 2017Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-102TC-0102Agreement to Mediate and Confidentiality2018-04-30Apr 30, 2018Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-102ETC-0102EAgreement to Mediate and Confidentiality using an Electronic Signature2018-04-30Apr 30, 2018Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-103TC-0103Request for Hearing before the Utah State Tax Commission2013-05-20May 20, 2013Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-104TC-0104Stipulation & Order of Approval2018-11-08Nov 8, 2018Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-104BTC-0104Bex rel, Stipulation & Order of Approval2018-11-13Nov 13, 2018Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-104E MultipleTC-0104E MultipleStipulation of Appeal From Decision of County Board of Equalization (for multiple parcels)2018-11-08Nov 8, 2018Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-104E SingleTC-0104E SingleStipulation of Appeal From Decision of County Board of Equalization (for single parcels)2018-11-08Nov 8, 2018Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-105TC-0105Petition to Withdraw Appeal and Order of Dismissal2019-05-01May 1, 2019Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-106TC-0106Selection of Reporting Basis for Motor Fuel, Aviation Fuel and Special Fuel Gallons2010-03-31Mar 31, 2010FuelFormCurrent
TC-109 TemplateTC-0109eFileFuels Tax Return2021-01-19Jan 19, 2021FuelFormCurrent
TC-109 Template InstructionsTC-0109 InstructionsFuels Tax Return Excel Template Instructions2015-07-13Jul 13, 2015FuelFormCurrent
TC-109 MatrixTC-0109 MatrixeFileFuel Return Product and Schedule Matrix2018-12-20Dec 20, 2018FuelFormCurrent
TC-109PCTC-0109PCePayUtah Fuel Tax Payment Coupon2010-09-01Sep 1, 2010FuelFormCurrent
TC-111TC-0111Transporter’s Report of Imported Motor Fuels1999-08-01Aug 1, 1999FuelFormCurrent
TC-112TC-0112Proof of Exportation for Motor Fuel, Undyed Diesel and Other Petroleum Products2000-07-01Jul 1, 2000FuelFormCurrent
TC-116TC-0116eFileUtah Application for Fuel Tax Refund2015-06-18Jun 18, 2015FuelFormCurrent
TC-116 TemplateTC-0116 TemplateeFileFuels Tax Refund Application - File Upload Template (XLS Format)2019-02-07Feb 7, 2019FuelFormCurrent
TC-116 Template InstructionsTC-0116 Template InstructionsFuels Tax Refund Application Instructions (for TC-116 XLS template)2015-07-09Jul 9, 2015FuelFormCurrent
TC-116RTC-0116ReFile2015-06-18Jun 18, 2015FuelFormCurrent
TC-120TC-0120Consignment Charges Agreement For Motor Vehicle Sales2002-03-01Mar 1, 2002DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-123TC-0123Application For Utah Duplicate Title2011-08-09Aug 9, 2011DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-131TC-0131Statement of a person claiming refund due a deceased taxpayer2012-09-06Sep 6, 2012Individual IncomeFormCurrent
TC-138TC-0138Movable Structure Tax Clearance/Moving Permit2005-06-01Jun 1, 2005DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-142TC-0142Application for Special Plates and Decals (For use by Motor Vehicle dealers only)2020-10-21Oct 21, 2020DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-160TC-0160Application for Sales Tax Exemption Number for Religious or Charitable Institutions2012-08-09Aug 9, 2012SalesFormCurrent
TC-160GTC-0160GSales Tax Exemption Number Application for Government Agencies2011-05-24May 24, 2011SalesFormCurrentDraft
TC-161TC-0161Utah Registration for Exemption from Corporate Franchise or Income Tax2010-01-28Jan 28, 2010Corporate IncomeFormCurrent
TC-162TC-0162Application For Utah Motor Vehicle Identification Number. Use this form if you build kit cars, or reconstruct cars with major parts from other vehicles2013-01-22Jan 22, 2013DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-171PCTC-0171PCePayWaste Facility Tax Payment Coupon2012-05-31May 31, 2012Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-191TC-0191Declaration of Representative To Take Possession of Cigarette Stamps2013-08-26Aug 26, 2013TobaccoFormCurrent
TC-194TC-0194Request for Redetermination of County Decision2021-02-05Feb 5, 2021PropertyFormCurrent
TC-194ATC-0194ARequest to Reconvene the Board of Equalization2021-04-21Apr 21, 2021PropertyFormCurrent
TC-194BTC-0194BRequest for Redetermination of the County Board of Equalization (BOE) Decision2020-09-14Sep 14, 2020Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-203TC-0203New Utah Special Group Plate Application2019-11-18Nov 18, 2019DMV and MVEDFormCurrent2020-01-01Jan 1, 2020
TC-300TC-0300Requirements for Obtaining a Motor Vehicle Dealer License in Utah2020-06-09Jun 9, 2020DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-301TC-0301Bonded Motor Vehicle Business Application2019-05-20May 20, 2019DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-303TC-0303Motor Vehicle Salesperson Application2021-04-19Apr 19, 2021DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-305TC-0305Motor Vehicle Salvage Buyer Application2013-10-15Oct 15, 2013DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-318TC-0318Dealer Transmittal2016-05-03May 3, 2016DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-353TC-0353Notice to Buyer of Vehicle Initially Delivered for Sale in a Country Other Than the United States2016-08-30Aug 30, 2016DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-386 TemplateTC-0386 TemplateeFileUtah Beer Tax Return2019-09-30Sep 30, 2019BeerFormCurrent
TC-386 Template InstructionsTC-0386 Template InstructionsUtah Beer Tax Return Template Instructions2019-10-23Oct 23, 2019BeerFormCurrent
TC-386PCTC-0386PCePayBeer Tax Payment Coupon2012-05-31May 31, 2012BeerFormCurrent
TC-386XTC-0386XeFileBeer Destruction Record2019-06-27Jun 27, 2019BeerFormCurrent
TC-410TC-0410Offer in Compromise Request2017-07-17Jul 17, 2017Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-415TC-0415Commission Order Redaction Request2015-05-14May 14, 2015Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-420 TemplateTC-0420 TemplateeFileSelf-Insurer’s Tax Return2014-04-17Apr 17, 2014InsuranceFormCurrent
TC-420 Template InstructionsTC-0420 Template InstructionseFileSelf-Insurer’s Tax Return Template Instructions2015-03-21Mar 21, 2015InsuranceFormCurrent
TC-420CTC-0420CeFileSelf Insurer’s Classification Codes and Tax Rates2021-01-01Jan 1, 2021InsuranceFormCurrent20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020
TC-420PCTC-0420PCePaySelf-Insurer’s Tax Payment Coupon2011-09-30Sep 30, 2011InsuranceFormCurrent
TC-450TC-0450Bond of Motor Vehicle Dealer, Special Equipment Dealer, Crusher, or Body Shop2013-10-15Oct 15, 2013DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-451TC-0451Original Complaint Report2019-12-11Dec 11, 2019DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-452TC-0452Temporary Permit Record2006-10-01Oct 1, 2006DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-465TC-0465Waiver (Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division)2010-07-01Jul 1, 2010DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-470TC-0470Application for Settlement or Deferral of Centrally Assessed Property Tax2016-12-16Dec 16, 2016PropertyFormCurrent
TC-471TC-0471Agreement of Holder of Mortgage or Trust Deed for Settlement or Deferral of Centrally Assessed Taxes2016-12-16Dec 16, 2016PropertyFormCurrent
TC-502TC-0502Application to Cancel Registration2012-11-30Nov 30, 2012DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-544TC-0544ePayPartnership Return Payment Coupon2011-12-27Dec 27, 2011Partnership/LLP/LLCFormCurrent
TC-546TC-0546ePayIndividual Income Tax Prepayment Coupon (This is NOT an extension form)2013-04-13Apr 13, 2013Individual IncomeFormCurrent
TC-547TC-0547ePayIndividual Income Tax Return Payment Coupon2011-12-19Dec 19, 2011Individual IncomeFormCurrent
TC-548TC-0548ePayFiduciary Income Tax Prepayment Coupon (This is NOT an extension form)2011-12-19Dec 19, 2011FiduciaryFormCurrent
TC-549TC-0549ePayFiduciary Income Tax Return Payment Coupon2011-12-19Dec 19, 2011FiduciaryFormCurrent
TC-550TC-0550Cigarette Rolling Machine Operation Certification2020-04-30Apr 30, 2020TobaccoFormCurrent
TC-553 TemplateTC-0553 TemplateeFileTobacco Products Tax Return Template2021-02-18Feb 18, 2021TobaccoFormCurrent
TC-553 Template InstructionsTC-0553 Template InstructionsTobacco Products Tax Return Excel Instructions2020-06-03Jun 3, 2020TobaccoFormCurrent
TC-553PCTC-0553PCePayTobacco Products Tax Payment Coupon2013-06-30Jun 30, 2013TobaccoFormCurrent
TC-557 TemplateTC-0557 TemplateeFileCigarette, Tobacco and Vaping PACT Report2021-04-20Apr 20, 2021TobaccoFormCurrent
TC-557 Template InstructionsTC-0557 Template InstructionseFileCigarette, Tobacco and Vaping PACT Report Instructions2021-01-19Jan 19, 2021TobaccoFormCurrent
TC-559TC-0559ePayCorporate/Partnership Payment Coupon2011-12-19Dec 19, 2011Corporate IncomeFormCurrent
TC-564TC-0564eFileTobacco/Cigarette Tax Refund Request2020-05-19May 19, 2020TobaccoFormCurrent
TC-569ATC-0569AOwnership Statement2020-11-24Nov 24, 2020DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-569BTC-0569BRepossession Statement2012-12-19Dec 19, 2012DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-569CTC-0569CSurvivorship Affidavit2013-01-22Jan 22, 2013DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-569DTC-0569DStatement of Facts2020-11-24Nov 24, 2020DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-572TC-0572Business Application for Electronic Payments2016-05-04May 4, 2016DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-585TC-0585Application for Loaded Demonstration Permit2013-10-15Oct 15, 2013DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-586TC-0586Collector License Plate Order2019-10-31Oct 31, 2019DMV and MVEDFormCurrent2020-01-01Jan 1, 2020
TC-656TC-0656Vehicle Application For Utah Title2020-11-24Nov 24, 2020DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-656RTC-0656RRental Agency Application for Utah Title2020-11-24Nov 24, 2020DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-656VTC-0656VVessel Application For Utah Title2020-11-24Nov 24, 2020DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-661TC-0661Certificate Of Inspection2012-12-19Dec 19, 2012DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-675RTC-0675RStatement of Utah Tax Withheld on Mineral Production2013-06-05Jun 5, 2013WithholdingFormCurrent
TC-675R TemplateTC-0675R TemplateeFileMineral Production Withholding Template2021-05-11May 11, 2021Oil, Gas, SeveranceFormCurrent
TC-675R Template InstructionsTC-0675R Template InstructionsMineral Production Withholding Template Instructions2021-01-19Jan 19, 2021Oil, Gas, SeveranceFormCurrent
TC-684 TemplateTC-0684 TemplateUtah Oil and Gas Severance Tax Annual Return – For file periods beginning January 1, 20182020-02-25Feb 25, 2020Oil, Gas, SeveranceFormCurrent
TC-684 Template InstructionsTC-0684 Template InstructionsTC-684, Oil & Gas Severance Tax Annual Return Template Instructions – For file periods beginning January 1, 20182018-07-31Jul 31, 2018Oil, Gas, SeveranceFormCurrent
TC-684PCTC-0684PCePayOil & Gas Severance Tax Payment Coupon2016-07-21Jul 21, 2016Oil, Gas, SeveranceFormCurrent
TC-685PCTC-0685PCePayMining Severance Tax Payment Coupon2012-02-29Feb 29, 2012Oil, Gas, SeveranceFormCurrent
TC-706TC-0706Statement of Compliance, Motor Vehicles Not Manufactured For Sale in the United States2012-11-28Nov 28, 2012DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-719TC-0719Sales and Use Tax Exemption Affidavit for Authorized Interstate Carriers2014-06-16Jun 16, 2014SalesFormCurrent2014-07-01Jul 1, 2014
TC-721TC-0721Exemption Certificate (Sales, Use, Tourism and Motor Vehicle Rental Tax)2020-05-19May 19, 2020SalesFormCurrent
TC-721ATC-0721ASales and Use Tax Exemption Affidavit for Exclusive Use Outside of Utah2007-05-01May 1, 2007SalesFormCurrent
TC-721AVTC-0721AVAviation Fuel Tax Reduction Certificate1999-07-01Jul 1, 1999FuelFormCurrent
TC-721BTC-0721BExemption Certificate (Beer Tax)2012-01-31Jan 31, 2012BeerFormCurrent
TC-721CNGTC-0721CNGExemption Certificate for Compressed Natural Gas2008-12-01Dec 1, 2008FuelFormCurrent
TC-721DPTC-0721DPSales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate for issuance only by Direct Payment Permit Holders2009-02-01Feb 1, 2009SalesFormCurrent
TC-721ETC-0721EEnvironmental Assurance Fee Exemption Certificate1998-06-01Jun 1, 1998FuelFormCurrent
TC-721GTC-0721GExemption Certificate for Governments & Schools (Sales, Use, Tourism and Motor Vehicle Rental Tax)2018-05-01May 1, 2018SalesFormCurrent
TC-721NRTC-0721NRSales Tax Exemption Certificate for Non-Utah Retailers Accepting Merchandise Delivery in Utah2019-10-29Oct 29, 2019SalesFormCurrent
TC-722TC-0722Retail Sales of Stamped Cigarettes Affidavit2020-05-19May 19, 2020TobaccoFormCurrent
TC-730 TemplateTC-0730 TemplateeFileReport of Beer Sales to Utah Distributors2012-07-16Jul 16, 2012BeerFormCurrent
TC-730 Template InstructionsTC-0730 Template InstructionsReport of Beer Sales to Utah Distributors Template Instructions2015-03-21Mar 21, 2015BeerFormCurrent
TC-736TC-0736Petition for a Declaratory Order2015-03-31Mar 31, 2015Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-737TC-0737Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative2021-01-27Jan 27, 2021Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-738TC-0738Petition for Redetermination (Appeal form)2017-10-23Oct 23, 2017Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-739TC-0739Petition for Expedited Hearing (Appeal form)2015-05-18May 18, 2015Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-750TC-0750OnlineApplication for Motor Vehicle 96 Hour Permits2019-05-21May 21, 2019DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-752 TemplateTC-0752 TemplateeFileUtah Certificate of Compliance by Tobacco Product Manufacturer Template for use in TAP2021-04-13Apr 13, 2021TobaccoFormCurrent
TC-752 Template InstructionsTC-0752 Template InstructionseFileUtah Certificate of Compliance by Tobacco Product Manufacturer Template Instructions2017-08-29Aug 29, 2017TobaccoFormCurrent
TC-756TC-0756Application for Motor Vehicle Temporary Permits2020-04-13Apr 13, 2020DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-757TC-0757Out of State Delivery Affidavit1995-12-01Dec 1, 1995SalesFormCurrent
TC-758TC-0758Application for Updated or Additional Motor Vehicle Business License2015-05-11May 11, 2015DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-760TC-0760Application for Representative License / New Application2014-02-24Feb 24, 2014DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-762TC-0762Lease/Rental Sales Tax Affidavit2003-06-01Jun 1, 2003SalesFormCurrent
TC-763CTC-0763CCigarette Tax Surety Bond2011-09-01Sep 1, 2011TobaccoFormCurrent
TC-763ETC-0763EElectronic Cigarette And Nicotine Products Tax Surety Bond2021-05-12May 12, 2021TobaccoFormCurrent
TC-763FTC-0763FFuel Tax Surety Bond2006-03-01Mar 1, 2006FuelFormCurrent
TC-763STTC-0763STSales Tax Surety Bond2005-10-01Oct 1, 2005SalesFormCurrent
TC-763TTC-0763TTobacco Tax Surety Bond2011-09-01Sep 1, 2011TobaccoFormCurrent
TC-763WTTC-0763WTWithholding Tax Surety Bond2005-10-01Oct 1, 2005WithholdingFormCurrent
TC-802NTC-0802NNotice Of Requirement To Obtain Salvage or Non-repairable Title2012-10-01Oct 1, 2012DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-803TC-0803Collection Information For Businesses1996-01-01Jan 1, 1996Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-804TC-0804eFileIndividual Income Tax Payment Agreement Request2019-01-07Jan 7, 2019Individual IncomeFormCurrent
TC-804BTC-0804BBusiness Tax Payment Agreement Request2013-04-23Apr 23, 2013SalesFormCurrent
TC-805TC-0805Collection Information For Individuals2009-01-01Jan 1, 2009Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-810TC-0810Exemption of Utah Safety and Emission Requirements for Vehicles Not In Utah2017-12-28Dec 28, 2017DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-810MCTC-0810MCExemption of Utah Safety and Emission Requirements for Apportioned Vehicles Not In Utah2017-12-28Dec 28, 2017DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-814TC-0814Notice of Salvage Vehicle or Branded Title2020-05-20May 20, 2020DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-817TC-0817Application for Personalized Plates and Replacement of Existing Personalized Plates2020-08-17Aug 17, 2020DMV and MVEDFormCurrent2020-01-01Jan 1, 2020
TC-820TC-0820Exemption Affidavit for Utah Emission Testing2014-06-30Jun 30, 2014DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-824TC-0824Insufficient Evidence of Ownership Bond (Surety Bond)2018-04-16Apr 16, 2018DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-824MCTC-0824MCVehicle Multi-year Registration Surety Bond2018-01-18Jan 18, 2018DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-828TC-0828Aircraft Sales and Use Tax Remittance Form2019-11-19Nov 19, 2019SalesFormCurrent
TC-831TC-0831Request to Elect-out of Electronic Filing2020-08-27Aug 27, 2020Individual IncomeFormCurrent
TC-836TC-0836Certification of Fund Donation – Verification to Purchase or Renew Collegiate License Plates2016-08-30Aug 30, 2016DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-839RTC-0839RCertificate of Sale (Repairman’s Lien)2011-05-09May 9, 2011DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-839STC-0839SCertificate of Sale (Self-Storage Lien)2013-05-13May 13, 2013DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-840TC-0840Relinquished Personalized Plates and Reassignment2012-11-28Nov 28, 2012DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-842TC-0842Disability Certification2020-11-24Nov 24, 2020DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-843TC-0843Bill of Sale2020-09-16Sep 16, 2020DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-844TC-0844Request for Unmarked Exempt License Plates2014-06-14Jun 14, 2014DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-845TC-0845Special Truck Equipment (Half Registration Fees)2012-12-19Dec 19, 2012DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-852TC-0852IRP Original (Schedule A) and Supplemental (Schedule C) Application2020-12-02Dec 2, 2020DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-853ATC-0853AOriginal and Supplement Application - Utah A and C2013-10-22Oct 22, 2013DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-853BTC-0853BOriginal and Supplement Rental Application2013-10-23Oct 23, 2013DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-861TC-0861Request for Motor Vehicle Enforcement Documents2020-11-18Nov 18, 2020DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-880TC-0880Request for Tax Records2012-03-21Mar 21, 2012Other TaxesFormCurrent
TC-889TC-0889Mineral Production Withholding Tax Exemption Certificate2008-07-01Jul 1, 2008WithholdingFormCurrent
TC-890TC-0890Release of Protected Motor Vehicle Information2013-12-31Dec 31, 2013DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-891TC-0891Odometer Disclosure Statement2012-11-30Nov 30, 2012DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-893TC-0893Odometer Disclosure Waiver2011-05-30May 30, 2011DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-895TC-0895Application to Request a Motor Vehicle Account2016-12-20Dec 20, 2016DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-897TC-0897Verification of Vessel Length2012-12-19Dec 19, 2012DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-899BTC-0899BOriginal Mileage - Schedule B2014-09-01Sep 1, 2014DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-922 (New template coming soon)TC-0922eFileIFTA Tax Return
Form 922 and accompanying schedules must be filed electronically beginning April 1, 2021 for the first quarter return. The electronic filing template will be available here soon.
TC-922PCTC-0922PCePayPayment Coupon for IFTA/SFU TaxReturn2008-08-01Aug 1, 2008FuelFormCurrent
TC-928TC-0928eFileMonthly Report of Sale by a Utah Licensed and Bonded Dealer2012-02-28Feb 28, 2012DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-928 TemplateTC-0928 TemplateeFileMonthly Report of Sale by a Utah Licensed and Bonded Dealer. This template is for use in online MVP system only.2016-09-08Sep 8, 2016DMV and MVEDFormCurrent
TC-937TC-0937eFileUtah IFTA Renewal Application and Decal Request2019-04-15Apr 15, 2019FuelFormCurrent
TC-938TC-0938eFileInstructions for Utah Special Fuel User (SFU) Renewal Application and Decal Request2019-04-18Apr 18, 2019FuelFormCurrent
TC-941DTC-0941DDiscrepancy Report for Annual Withholding Reconciliation2012-05-29May 29, 2012WithholdingFormCurrent
TC-941E TemplateTC-0941E TemplateeFileTemplate for Utah Withholding Tax2018-02-13Feb 13, 2018WithholdingFormCurrent
TC-941E Template InstructionsTC-0941E Template InstructionseFileTemplate for Utah Withholding Tax Instructions2018-02-13Feb 13, 2018WithholdingFormCurrent
TC-941M TemplateTC-0941M TemplateeFileTemplate for Utah Mineral Withholding2018-02-13Feb 13, 2018WithholdingFormCurrent
TC-941M Template InstructionsTC-0941M Template InstructionseFileTemplate for Utah Mineral Withholding Instructions2018-02-13Feb 13, 2018WithholdingFormCurrent
TC-941NPATC-0941NPAWorksheet for Nonresident Professional Athletes2015-07-30Jul 30, 2015WithholdingFormCurrent
TC-941PCTC-0941PCePayPayment Coupon for Utah Withholding Tax2009-12-09Dec 9, 2009WithholdingFormCurrent
TC-942TC-0942eFileRefund of Tax Reported on Exempt Fuel for Utah Based Carriers2019-05-31May 31, 2019FuelFormCurrent
TC-942ATC-0942AeFileRefund: Utah Based Carrier Exempt Fuel Detail2019-05-31May 31, 2019FuelFormCurrent
TC-944TC-0944eFileRefund Of Tax Reported On Exempt Fuel For Non-Utah Based Carriers2019-05-31May 31, 2019FuelFormCurrent
TC-944ATC-0944AeFileRefund: Non-Utah Based Carrier Exempt Fuel Detail2019-05-31May 31, 2019FuelFormCurrent
TC-8857TC-8857Request For Innocent Spouse Relief2008-11-01Nov 1, 2008Individual IncomeFormCurrent
UT 1099 TemplateUT-1099eFileUtah Withholding 1099 Excel Template2019-06-30Jun 30, 2019WithholdingFormCurrent
Utah 1099 Template InstructionsUT-1099 InstructionsUtah Withholding 1099 Excel Template Instructions2019-04-16Apr 16, 2019WithholdingFormCurrent
Utah W2 TemplateUT-W2eFileUtah Withholding W-2 Excel Template2019-06-30Jun 30, 2019WithholdingFormCurrent
Utah W2 Template InstructionsUT-W2 InstructionsUtah Withholding W-2 Excel Template2019-04-16Apr 16, 2019WithholdingFormCurrent

For security reasons, Taxpayer Access Point and other e-services are not available in most countries outside the United States. Please contact us at 801-297-2200 or for more information.

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TAP Scheduled Upgrade

Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) will be upgraded Friday, December 11 at 5:00pm through Monday, December 14 at 7:00am. TAP will be unavailable during this time.

Please note . . .

TC-69 Form Usually Requires Additional Schedules

When submitting a TC-69 paper form, you MUST also include the appropriate schedule(s). If you do not include the correct schedule(s), your business registration will be delayed.

Note: To save time and ensure all needed schedules are included, you can apply for a tax account online.

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Sales tax filing is changing

All Utah sales and use tax returns and other sales-related tax returns must be filed electronically, beginning with returns due Nov. 2, 2020. File electronically using Taxpayer Access Point at

This includes:

  • Third quarter, July-Sept 2020 (quarterly filers)
  • September 2020 (monthly filers)
  • Jan – Dec 2020 (annual filers)
  • All related schedules

You can continue to the PDF form below, or go to TAP to register and begin filing electronically now—no need to wait until the deadline!