Upcoming Forms & Pubs – Annual Release

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These forms are updated annually and are provided here to assist software developers and others that need to program their systems for the new tax year. For more information, see:

Important: These forms and instructions are final as of the date they are listed as “final.” Future form changes by the IRS may require us to change our forms after the “final” date.

NumberOrdering NumberOnlineNameRevised_RevisedTax TypeItem TypeStatusTax YearFile Period End_File Period EndDraft StateFinal ETA_Final ETAEffective Date_Effective Date
Revisions0Summary of Form Revision Changes2020-06-30Jun 30, 2020Other TaxesFormDraft
Instructions1Instructions for using layers in the developer formsOther TaxesPubDraft
Pub 33Pub 33Interest from U.S. Obligations, Individual Income TaxIndividual IncomePubDraft
Pub 57Pub 57Military Personnel Instructions
For 2019 tax year
Individual IncomePubDraft
Pub 58Pub 58Utah Interest and PenaltiesOther TaxesPubDraft
Pub 68Pub 68Pass-through Entity WithholdingCorporate IncomePubDraft
TC-20TC-0020Utah Corporation Franchise and Income Tax Return (grid format)2020-06-30Jun 30, 2020Corporate IncomeFormDraft20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Draft
TC-20 InstructionsTC-0020 InstructionsUtah Corporation Franchise and Income Tax Return InstructionsCorporate IncomeFormDraft
TC-20MCTC-0020MCUtah Tax Return for Miscellaneous Corporations (grid format)2020-06-30Jun 30, 2020Corporate IncomeFormDraft20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Draft
TC-20MC InstructionsTC-0020MC InstructionsUtah Tax Return Instructions for Miscellaneous CorporationsCorporate IncomeFormDraft
TC-20STC-0020SUtah S Corporation Return (grid format)2020-06-30Jun 30, 2020Corporate IncomeFormDraft20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Draft
TC-20S InstructionsTC-0020S InstructionsUtah S Corporation Return InstructionsCorporate IncomeFormDraft
TC-40TC-0040Utah Individual Income Tax Return (grid format)2020-06-30Jun 30, 2020Individual IncomeFormDraft20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Draft
TC-40 InstructionsTC-0040 InstructionsUtah Individual Income Tax Return InstructionsIndividual IncomeFormDraft
TC-40ETC-0040ERenewable Residential and Commercial Energy Systems Tax Credit. This form is obtained from the Utah Office of Energy DevelopmentIndividual IncomeFormDraft
TC-40HTC-0040HHistoric Preservation Tax CreditIndividual IncomeFormDraft
TC-40LITC-0040LISummary of Utah Low-income Housing Tax CreditIndividual IncomeFormDraft
TC-40LICTC-0040LICUtah Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Carryback and/or CarryforwardIndividual IncomeFormDraft
TC-50LISTC-0040LISCredit Share Summary of Low-income Housing ProjectIndividual IncomeFormDraft
TC-40RTC-0040RRecycling Market Development Zone Tax CreditIndividual IncomeFormDraft
TC-40TTC-0040TLive Organ Donation Expenses CreditIndividual IncomeFormDraft
TC-40TCACTC-0040TCACUtah Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Allocation Certification. This form is obtained from the Utah Housing Corporation.Individual IncomeFormDraft
TC-40TSTC-0040TSTax Shelter Disclosure for Material AdvisorsIndividual IncomeFormDraft
TC-41TC-0041Utah Fiduciary Income Tax Return (grid format)2020-06-30Jun 30, 2020FiduciaryFormDraft20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Draft
TC-41 InstructionsTC-0041 InstructionsUtah Fiduciary Income Tax InstructionsFiduciaryFormDraft
TC-65TC-0065Utah Partnership/Limited Liability Partnership/Limited Liability Company Return of Income (grid format)2020-06-30Jun 30, 2020Partnership/LLP/LLCFormDraft20202020-12-31Dec 31, 2020Draft
TC-65 InstructionsTC-0065 InstructionsInstructions for Utah Partnership/LLP/LLC Return of IncomePartnership/LLP/LLCFormDraft
TC-131TC-0131Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased TaxpayerIndividual IncomeFormDraft
TC-544TC-0544Partnership Return Payment CouponPartnership/LLP/LLCFormDraft
TC-546TC-0546Individual Income Tax Prepayment CouponIndividual IncomeFormDraft
TC-547TC-0547Individual Income Tax Return Payment CouponIndividual IncomeFormDraft
TC-548TC-0548Fiduciary Income Tax Prepayment CouponFiduciaryFormDraft
TC-549TC-0549Fiduciary Income Tax Return Payment CouponFiduciaryFormDraft
TC-559TC-0559Corporate/Partnership Payment CouponCorporate IncomeFormDraft
TC-675RTC-0675RStatement of Utah Tax Withheld on Mineral ProductionWithholdingFormDraft
TC-831TC-0831Request to Elect-out of Electronic FilingIndividual IncomeFormDraft
TC-941PCTC-0941PCPayment Coupon for Utah Withholding TaxWithholdingFormDraft