Motor Fuel Excise Tax (MFET) E-Filing

General Info

General Information

Licensed fuel suppliers, importers, refiners, and/or distributors can file their Utah fuel tax returns electronically in XML format.

Contact your tax software vendor or accounting service to see if they support the Utah electronic fuel tax return. Click the Commercial Providers tab above for a listing of software providers.

For questions about this program, contact

Info for Developers

Information for Software Developers

The following information is provided for Programmers and Software Developers for developing their Utah electronic fuel tax return.

Note: State government offices are open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Test submissions must be submitted within these hours. The testing database is re-set every Friday and available again the next Monday.

MFET Getting Started November 5, 2014
MFET Developer’s Handbook November 5, 2014
MFET Application for Fuel Tax Software Certification (TC-100) July 31, 2016
MFET Software Certification Guide November 5, 2014
MFET Utah Schemas Version 1.0
Fuel Return Product and Schedule Matrix July 5, 2011
MFET Test Suites August 31, 2012
MFET XML Sample Files July 1, 2010
MFET Web Service Objects December 1, 2014
Contact for certification or technical questions

Commercial Providers

Commercial Software Providers

The following companies provide commercial software products for this service. Contact the companies directly for more information. Providing this non-comprehensive list does not indicate a preference or endorsement for any individual product on the part of the Utah State Tax Commission.

These companies may also be able to provide contacts to tax practitioners that use their products.