Modernized Electronic Filing – MeF

ATS Timeline

  1. Download the TC-87, Utah Letter of Intent.
  2. Schemas, Business Rules and test scenarios will be available no later than October and will be posted to the FTA State Exchange System
  3. Utah will begin MeF acceptance testing approximately one week after the IRS ATS start date
  4. We will follow the IRS production start dates for business and income tax

General Information

This is for Corporate, Partnership, Fiduciary, and Individual Income Tax Returns

If you are looking for online income tax filing, please go to The following information is for the MeF program, not online income tax filing.

MeF provides electronic filing and payment options for the following tax returns:

  • TC-40 Utah Individual Income Tax Return
  • TC-41 Utah Fiduciary Income Tax Return
  • TC-65 Utah Partnership/Limited Liability Partnership/Limited Liability Company Return
  • TC-20 Utah Corporation Franchise and Income Tax Return
  • TC-20S Utah S Corporation Return

If you would like to use this program, contact your tax software provider or accounting service to see if they support this.

MeF Schemas and Business Rules will be available through the FTA State Exchange System. The Utah Letter of Intent is available here. For questions about this program, or to start the certification process, contact