TAP Help for Garnishments


Where do I get my Garnishment Account number?

You can locate your Garnishment Account number on the New Account letter we sent you. The number is located in the top-right corner. If you have not received this letter, please contact us at taxlegaldocs@utah.gov.

How do I get my TAP PIN?

You can locate your TAP PIN by looking at the Introduction letter we sent with the Administrative Garnishment Order served on you. The PIN is in the second paragraph. You may also contact us at taxlegaldocs@utah.gov to request a new PIN letter sent to you.

Can I add garnishment admin access to my existing TAP logon?

No, your Garnishment account is separate from other tax accounts and you must have a separate logon.


Can I submit answers on a Garnishment on TAP?

Yes, you can use TAP to respond to a garnishment or track previous interrogatories. You can also submit answers/interrogatories by email at taxlegaldocs@utah.gov or U.S. Mail.

TAP Garnishments

Can I view an interrogatory once it’s been submitted on TAP?

Yes, you can view your submissions once they have been submitted.

TAP Garnishments

TAP Garnishments

TAP Garnishments

Can I send a paper interrogatory and still make a payment through TAP?

Yes, you can submit paper interrogatories, but they must be processed manually before you can make a payment through TAP.


Can I make a garnishment payment on TAP?

Yes, you can pay on TAP using a credit card or e-check. Convenience fees may apply for a credit card transaction.

TAP Garnishments

TAP Garnishments

Can I make one payment for multiple debtor’s garnishments?

Yes, you can pay one debtor payment at a time or pay multiple debtor payments.

TAP Garnishments