TAP FAQ – Third-Party Access

What is third-party access?

Third-party access lets you give another person access to your tax account(s). They can then file returns, make payments, and otherwise represent you when communicating with the Utah State Tax Commission. This access remains valid until you remove it from your account.

What can someone with third-party access do in TAP?

Third-party representatives can file or amend your returns, make payments, or view and update your account information. They may also submit a payment agreement or waiver request for you. You can choose what level of access they have.

How do I allow or not allow third-party access?

TAP automatically defaults to allow a business access. To change this setting, click Manage My Profile then More tab. In the Access box, click Manage third party access. A third-party will only be able to add access if you provide them your account information.

Can I allow third-party access to more than one individual or company?

Yes. You grant online access to each individual or company by giving them your account information for the tax type. They can then add your account to their profile.

What do my employees need to start using TAP?

Each employee should sign up for access using their own username and password. They should use the company’s FEIN or SSN and will need information from the most recent tax return filed.

Can I give employees different access levels in TAP?

Yes. The TAP Administrator can control which features you want them to use. Third parties users are automatically granted access to file returns and make payments unless you change their access. You can make these changes from Manage My Profile.

What if I only want the third-party to view my account information using TAP?

The TAP Administrator can make these changes from Manage My Profile. You can grant access to view only.

I’m a representative. How do I sign up for TAP online?

You must first sign up for TAP access for yourself. Then your client(s) must give you their required information. Finally, you sign in as yourself and click the I Want To link then click Add additional tax accounts to your TAP profile.

You will be asked to confirm that you have authorization to act for your client (proof may be requested).

How do I remove third-party clients from my TAP account?

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your TAP account.
  2. Click Manage My Profile.
  3. Click More.
  4. In the Access box, click Manage your access.
  5. Locate your client and click File Returns and Make Payments.
  6. Click Cancel my access to this account
  7. Click OK
  8. Repeat steps 2-7 for each account you want to remove.

Once access has been canceled, your client’s account will no longer appear under your Access Settings.

I’m a representative but cannot ‘add access’ to my client’s tax account?

You will need to contact your client to verify they have registered for a TAP account. The account owner must set up their TAP account and allow third party access. Once this has been done you will be able to add access to their account.