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TAP FAQ – Individual Income Tax

NOTE: You can no longer create a TAP Individual Income Tax account. However, you can still file, view, and print a current year’s return. You can also make payments and payment arrangements. Your tax return is available for 7 days from the date you submitted.

Why can’t I access or register for an Individual Income Tax TAP account?

All TAP logon accounts for Individual Income Tax were disabled August 2015 to protect your personal tax information.

Logon accounts for other taxes are still available, but you can no longer access individual income tax information from those accounts.

Can I still file my Individual Income Tax return on TAP?

You can still file the current year’s tax return by clicking File Current Income Tax Return under the Individual section.

Be sure to record your confirmation code or print the confirmation screen for your records.

How do I get a copy of my filed Individual Income Tax return?

Go to the I WANT TO section and click Find a Saved Request. Enter the email address you used to file your return and the confirmation number to view or print your return. Note: Your return is only available for 7 days after submission.

Please submit a completed form TC-880, Request for Tax Records, to request your tax records after the 7-day period or from another year.

How do I file an amended Individual Income tax return on TAP?

Since amended Individual Income Tax returns can no longer be filed through TAP, you must file an amended TC-40 form on paper.