TAP FAQ – Registration

The person who registered our TAP account is no longer with the company. How do I access the TAP account?

If you do not have the username and password from that individual, you must register for a new TAP account using your contact information.

Once this has been done, you may remove access and delete the username from the Manage My Profile link.

I cannot access my TAP account or remember the answer to my security question. What should I do?

You must register for a new TAP account.

What if I forgot my Username or Password and could not reset it through the Forgot username or password link?

You must register for a new TAP account.

Where do I get my PIN?

Your PIN letter is mailed after you complete your business registration.

You may request your PIN number at tapsupport@utah.gov. Please include your account number and username. We will mail your PIN to the address on file.

You may also call 801-297-3996 to get your PIN number if you are the account owner or registered agent and able to verify your personal information.