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TAP FAQ – Security

How is my tax information protected in TAP?

The Utah State Tax Commission uses a secure online registration service to protect your tax information when using TAP. Your browser must support 128-bit encryption.

As added security measures,:

  • You will get an authorization code by text or email (two-factor login) when you log into TAP.
  • You are automatically logged out of TAP after 60 minutes of inactivity.

You also play an important role in safeguarding your tax information when using TAP by:

  • Keeping your ID and password secret
  • Creating a strong password and answer to the secret question
  • Logging out of TAP after each session

Why do I need to request an Authorization Code to log into my TAP account?

The authorization code is a security enhancement to help protect your information. When you log in, you must choose to get the code either by text or email.

If you are using a secure computer, you may disable this step in the future by clicking Yes to Trust This Browser.

Note: You must complete this step again if you delete your browser history or cookies.

I am not getting the Authorization Code. What should I do?

If you requested your code by email, check your Spam and Junk folders. You may also need to check with your IT department.

You can also request an Authorization Code at or 801-297-2727, Option 4.