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Tax Type
Number Online Form Name Revised
TC-730 Template eFile Report of Beer Sales to Utah Distributors Rev. 7/12
TC-730 Template Instructions Report of Beer Sales to Utah Distributors Template Instructions Rev. 3/15
TC-736 Petition for a Declaratory Order Rev. 3/15
TC-737 Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative Rev. 6/13
TC-738 Petition for Redetermination (Appeal form) Rev. 3/15
TC-739 Petition for Expedited Hearing (Appeal form) Rev. 5/13
TC-752 Template eFile Utah Certificate of Compliance by Tobacco Product Manufacturer Template for use in TAP Rev. 4/15
TC-752 Template Instructions eFile Utah Certificate of Compliance by Tobacco Product Manufacturer Template Instructions Rev. 3/15
TC-756 Application for Motor Vehicle Temporary Permits Rev. 11/14
TC-757 Out of State Delivery Affidavit Rev. 12/95
TC-758 Application for Updated or Additional Motor Vehicle Business License Rev. 7/14
TC-760 Application for Representative License / New Application Rev. 2/14
TC-762 Lease/Rental Sales Tax Affidavit Rev. 6/03
TC-763C Cigarette Tax Surety Bond Rev. 9/11
TC-763F Fuel Tax Surety Bond Rev. 3/06
TC-763ST Sales Tax Surety Bond Rev. 10/05
TC-763T Tobacco Tax Surety Bond Rev. 9/11
TC-763WT Withholding Tax Surety Bond Rev. 10/05
TC-802N Notice Of Requirement To Obtain Salvage or Non-repairable Title Rev. 10/12
TC-803 Collection Information For Businesses Rev. 1/96
TC-804 eFile Individual Income Tax Payment Agreement Request Rev. 4/13
TC-804B Business Tax Payment Agreement Request Rev. 4/13
TC-805 Collection Information For Individuals Rev. 1/09
TC-810 Exemption of Utah Safety and Emission Requirements for Vehicles Not In Utah Rev. 12/14
TC-810MC Exemption of Utah Safety and Emission Requirements for Apportioned Vehicles Not In Utah Rev. 12/14
TC-817 Application for Personalized Plates and Replacement of Existing Personalized Plates Rev. 12/14
TC-820 Exemption Affidavit for Utah Emission Testing Rev. 6/14
TC-824 Motor Vehicle Defective Title or Insufficient Evidence of Ownership Bond (Surety Bond) Rev. 12/12
TC-828 Aircraft Sales and Use Tax Remittance Form Rev. 8/04
TC-831 Request to Elect-out of Electronic Filing Rev. 8/11
TC-839R Certificate of Sale (Repairman's Lien) Rev. 5/11
TC-839S Certificate of Sale (Self-Storage Lien) Rev. 5/13
TC-840 Relinquished Personalized Plates and Reassignment Rev. 11/12
TC-842 Disabled Person And Physician Disability Certification Rev. 3/13
TC-843 Bill of Sale Rev. 2/12
TC-844 Request for Unmarked Exempt License Plates Rev. 6/14
TC-845 Special Truck Equipment (Half Registration Fees) Rev. 12/12
TC-852 IRP Original (Schedule A) and Supplemental (Schedule C) Application Rev. 9/14
TC-853A Original and Supplement Application - Utah A and C Rev. 10/13
TC-853B Original and Supplement Rental Application Rev. 10/13
TC-880 Request for Tax Records Rev. 3/12
TC-889 Mineral Production Withholding Tax Exemption Certificate Rev. 7/08
TC-890 Release of Protected Motor Vehicle Information Rev. 12/13
TC-891 Odometer Disclosure Statement Rev. 11/12
TC-893 Odometer Disclosure Waiver Rev. 5/11
TC-895 Application to Request a Motor Vehicle Account Rev. 1/13
TC-897 Verification of Vessel Length Rev. 12/12
TC-899B Current Original Mileage - Schedule B
Use until September 30, 2015
Rev. 5/09
TC-922 eFile IFTA/Special Fuel User Tax Return Rev. 12/08
TC-922 Add'l pgs eFile IFTA and Special Fuel User Tax Return Continued,TC-922 Rev. 10/08
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