Commission Decisions

General Information

Reading Commission decisions can increase taxpayers' and practitioners' understanding and application of tax law when preparing for a hearing before the Commission. Confidential information is redacted from decisions in accordance with confidentiality laws. If you are able to identify a person, entity or subject property when reading a redacted commission decision, please notify the Tax Commission immediately at

Some commission decisions involve new law or case law, new issues or general guidance from the Commission. These decisions have been issued over several years and are categorized as "Guiding Decisions."


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This will search the title, subject, or content of all Commission decisions going back to 1984.

Important: Decisions might not appear in this search engine immediately after they’re posted because Google only indexes our site once every few days or weeks.

Search Tip: The decision numbers might be listed in one of two ways—with a 4-digit number or without. You might have to search using both formats to find the decision you need. For example, if 17-268 returns nothing, then search for 17-0268 (zero-fill the number portion to make it 4-digits) or vice versa.

Recently Redacted Commission Decisions

These decisions were redacted in the last few months. For older decisions, use the Search for Decisions tab above.

NumberDecision Date (sort)Decision DateTax TypeTax YearCountyGuidingPosted Date (sort)Posted Date
22-09562022-07-13Jul 13, 2022Property Tax/Locally Assessed20212022-12-14Dec 14, 2022
22-03672022-08-15Aug 15, 2022Refund Request of Registration Fees2022-12-14Dec 14, 2022
20-21452022-03-24Mar 24, 2022Waiver request – income tax2017 – 20182022-12-14Dec 14, 2022
20-21382022-07-19Jul 19, 2022Circuit breaker tax exemption20202022-12-14Dec 14, 2022
20-16182022-08-02Aug 2, 2022Property tax exemption20202022-12-14Dec 14, 2022
20-14652022-08-29Aug 29, 2022Income tax20162022-12-14Dec 14, 2022
20-13662022-08-23Aug 23, 2022Property tax20202022-12-14Dec 14, 2022
20-09292022-08-09Aug 9, 2022Income tax2016 – 20182022-12-14Dec 14, 2022
18-11422022-08-23Aug 23, 2022Income tax20122022-12-14Dec 14, 2022
22-01662022-07-11Jul 11, 2022Registration Fees2021 – 20222022-11-08Nov 8, 2022
21-10792022-03-01Mar 1, 2022Property Tax Exemption20212022-11-08Nov 8, 2022
18-19522022-07-26Jul 26, 2022Income tax2014 – 20162022-11-08Nov 8, 2022
18-20432019-11-07Nov 7, 2019Income tax2015 – 20172022-10-11Oct 11, 2022
21-13022022-07-19Jul 19, 2022Income tax20202022-08-29Aug 29, 2022
21-10152022-05-04May 4, 2022Property Tax/Locally Assessed20202022-08-03Aug 3, 2022
21-09982022-04-26Apr 26, 2022Sales & Use Tax2016 – 20192022-07-07Jul 7, 2022
21-09622022-03-31Mar 31, 2022Property Tax20202022-07-07Jul 7, 2022
20-20852022-03-14Mar 14, 2022Property Tax20202022-07-07Jul 7, 2022
19-18532021-03-05Mar 5, 2021Sales & Use Tax20182022-07-07Jul 7, 2022
19-12612020-12-08Dec 8, 2020Property Tax20182022-07-07Jul 7, 2022

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