News Releases

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DateRelease DateLinkTitle
2017-03-15Mar 15, 2017pdfSandy man faces 18 State income tax evasion counts
2017-04-11Apr 11, 2017pdfProvo man faces 11 felony counts for state income tax evasion
2017-10-24Oct 24, 2017pdfRefusal to pay state income taxes brings prison sentence to Sandy man
2017-11-20Nov 20, 2017pdfUtah car buyers warned to be aware of purchasing flood-damaged vehicles
2017-11-25Nov 25, 2017pdfFudging on car price may bring huge penalty
2017-12-14Dec 14, 2017pdfWest Jordan couple sentenced for state income tax evasion
2018-01-02Jan 2, 2018pdfSafety inspections now discontinued, but required if car registration expired in 2017
2018-01-26Jan 26, 2018pdfEx-Washington City Planning Commissioner pleads guilty and sentenced for tax evasion
2018-02-08Feb 8, 2018pdfUtahns warned to hang up when tax scammers call
2018-03-05Mar 5, 2018pdfAmerican Fork woman arrested on 10 felony state tax evasion counts
2018-03-22Mar 22, 2018pdfUnauthorized license plates on the rise. Violators may face revocation and charges.
2018-03-28Mar 28, 2018pdfSalt Lake man faces 7 felony counts for fraudulently using sales tax refunds
2018-03-28Mar 28, 2018pdfWeber County couple charged with 9 felony tax evasion counts
2018-04-17Apr 17, 2018pdfUtah extends tax filing deadline one day
2018-04-18Apr 18, 2018pdfState Tax Commission releases updated income tax withholding tables to employers
2018-07-17Jul 17, 2018pdfCourt orders American Fork woman to pay $35,000 in back state income taxes
2018-11-01Nov 1, 2018pdfTax Commission files felony charges against Stansbury Park man
2018-11-14Nov 14, 2018pdfTax Commission veteran named executive director
2019-03-13Mar 13, 2019pdfJury convicts Salt Lake man on 13 tax evasion counts
2019-05-21May 21, 2019pdfWest Valley man headed to prison after years of state income tax evasion
2019-06-25Jun 25, 2019pdfTax Commission files felony charges against Taylorsville man
2019-09-13Sep 13, 2019pdfHolladay man faces 10 tax fraud counts after using name of deceased person
2019-09-24Sep 24, 2019pdfTax Commission names new public information officer
2019-10-15Oct 15, 2019pdfJury convicts Pleasant Grove man on 15 counts of tax evasion
2019-10-23Oct 23, 2019pdfBeer Tax Increasing in November
2019-10-31Oct 31, 2019pdfWest Jordan Man Arrested on Numerous Tax Evasion Charges
2020-01-10Jan 10, 2020pdfDMV Considering Review of Personalized License Plate
2020-03-16Mar 16, 2020pdfChanges to Procedures at the Utah State Tax Commission
2020-03-17Mar 17, 2020pdfTax Commission Announces Temporary Changes to MVED
2020-03-19Mar 19, 2020pdfTax Commission Re-opens – Changes to Appeals Hearings – Updates to Tax Filing Deadlines – DMV Schedule and Procedure Adjustments
2020-03-20Mar 20, 2020pdfIncome Tax Filing and Payment Date
2020-03-20Mar 20, 2020pdfOnline Motor Vehicle Renewals
2020-03-26Mar 26, 2020pdfTax Filing and Payment Deadlines
2020-03-28Mar 28, 2020pdfChanges to Procedures at the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
2020-03-30Mar 30, 2020pdfTax Commission Temporarily Closes Counters
2020-04-03Apr 3, 2020pdfDMV Extends Hours At Offices
2020-04-10Apr 10, 2020pdfDMV Notice
2020-04-29Apr 29, 2020pdfDMV Announces Appointment Scheduler
2020-05-11May 11, 2020pdfUpdated Tax Return Data – Sales and Fuel Tax Statistics
2020-06-15Jun 15, 2020pdfChanges to DMV Drive-Through Services – Salt Lake Office Closes Until Further Notice
2020-06-23Jun 23, 2020pdfDMV South Salt Lake Office Reopening
2020-07-13Jul 13, 2020pdfDMV Office Closure
2020-07-17Jul 17, 2020pdfDMV South Valley Office Reopening Monday, July 20
2020-08-25Aug 25, 2020pdfRegistration Renewal Reminder Postcards Ending
2020-09-14Sep 14, 2020pdfMandatory E-File Requirement
2020-09-15Sep 15, 2020pdfHolladay man pleads guilty to forgery and tax fraud after using name of deceased person
2020-09-17Sep 17, 2020pdfUtah Man Faces Multiple Felony Charges of Tax Evasion and Failure to File Tax Returns

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