Returned Mail Policy

The Tax Commission’s Mail Services routes returned mail to the division or employee who originally sent the mail piece. For most mail, the address is then corrected, and the piece is re-sent to the corrected address. However, motor vehicle renewal notices are not re-sent to the corrected address. Instead, the address on file is corrected and the renewal notice is sent to the new address the following year.

Returns, billing notices and other scheduled mailings are routed to Master File Maintenance Section (the work unit responsible for correcting returned mail addresses).

Master File Section:

  1. Sorts returned mail by tax type.
  2. Updates taxpayer account, corrects and verifies account addresses by:
    1. USPS forwarding information (if available)
    2. cross-reference to related accounts (does not apply to motor vehicle records)
    3. phone calls to taxpayers (does not apply to motor vehicle records)
  3. Notes changes to addresses in account comment section of each account.
  4. Shred returned mail to protect confidential information.
  5. Subsequent mailings will be sent to taxpayer or vehicle owner at corrected address.