Mission, Vision and Values

The following is a statement of the Tax Commission’s mission, vision, values, & goals


Our mission is to collect revenue for the state and local governments and to equitably administer tax and assigned motor vehicle laws.


We are enthusiastically committed to a standard of excellence that exceeds our customer* expectations. We continuously focus on courtesy, accuracy, efficiency, consistency and professionalism.

*Customer is defined as those individuals or entities, both internal and external, who receive, depend upon and use our work product and knowledge.


  • We must uphold our public trust.
  • We value quality, which is the balance of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We value job expertise and knowledge with consistent and dependable application of laws, rules, practices and procedures.
  • We value integrity, including honesty, trust and respect for self and others.
  • We value clear, meaningful and concise communication with customers.
  • We value self-motivated employees and environments that encourage initiative.
  • We value empowered employees with their attendant accountability.

Agency Goals

Do it Right the First Time

Effectively communicate and build working relationships with all customers

Better Tools for Better Results

Deliver quality products and services

Allow Great People to do Great Work

Create and maintain a work environment where people excel and productivity is enhanced

Make Compliance Easier, Evasion Harder