Document Preparation

See also: Submittal of Documents

We strongly encourage electronic submission of materials when possible.

Submitting information electronically using the following methods:

Paper Size: All paper and electronic documents including text, illustrations, maps, charts, and spreadsheets are required to be submitted on 8½ x 11-inch letter-size paper. Documents saved on a CD or USB drive, or sent as an email attachment must be saved so they can be printed on letter-size paper.

Two-Sided Documents: No original documents submitted to the Tax Commission, Appeals Unit shall have text on both sides of the paper. Copies of documents, other than originals, may be submitted with text appearing on back side of a sheet, but when turned on the binding edge, the printing on the back side must be oriented in the same direction.

Binding Documents: If the original document is bound with coil, comb, velo strips, or taped, a copy of the document shall also be provided to the Tax Commission, Appeals Unit. Bound documents must be separated in order to scan into our electronic records management system.

Document Title: The title of each document filed with the Tax Commission, Appeals Unit must include an identification of the filing party, such as appeal number and “Petitioner”, “Respondent” or ex rel Party.”

Exhibits: When submitting exhibits it is encouraged that the Petitioner labels their exhibits alphabetically and the Respondent label their exhibits numerically.

Exhibits Submitted at Formal Hearing: Although we encourage electronic submission and exchange of documents with the opposing party, if the matter proceeds to a Formal Hearing, the parties are to provide at the Formal Hearing one 8 1/2 by 11-inch paper copy of all exhibits they intend to offer as evidence at the Formal Hearing. This should be an exact copy of the exhibits that were submitted to the Tax Commission, Appeals Unit and exchanged with the opposing party 10 business days prior to the hearing or by the date set out in a Scheduling Order.

Please Note: Enlarged copies may be used in the scheduled proceeding for demonstration purposes only.