Tax Information for Businesses

  • Start, Change or
    Close a Business
  • Filing and
    Paying Taxes
  • Publications, Bulletins,
    Notices & Resources

Starting, Changing or Closing a Business

Step 1 – Gather Information

  • A good place to start is on the State of Utah's Business Information page.
  • The links below give detailed information, especially related to taxes.
  • You might need to also contact other state or federal government agencies, or your local city.

Step 2 – Register Your Business

Note: Due to increased workload, the time to process new business registrations has increased significantly. Please do not submit duplicate registrations for your business using multiple methods.

Step 3 – Create a TAP Login

Go to Taxpayer Access Point and create a TAP login to file and pay your Utah business taxes.

More Information

Note: For security reasons, our e-services (TAP, OSBR, etc.) are not available in most countries outside the United States. Please contact us at 801-297-2200 or for more information.