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This site contains over 6,000 redacted decisions, dating back to 1984. The following hints will help narrow your search down to the specific items you need.

  • Find exact words or phrases by using quotes, e.g., "bank owned".
  • Remove the quotes to broaden your search.
  • Include one or more words in a search by placing OR after each word, e.g., Davis OR Utah County.
  • Eliminate certain words in a search by placing a minus sign (-) in front of the word(s) you do not want, e.g., –commercial.
  • If searching for a county outside of the Wasatch Front, search for "Rural County". The names of counties other than Weber, Davis, Salt Lake and Utah have been redacted to read "Rural County" in order to provide added privacy for taxpayers.
  • You can narrow your search to only guiding decisions by adding the phrase "guiding decision" to your search term.

Examples of Search Phrases

Use quotes to narrow your search; remove the quotes to broaden your search

Property Tax

  • locally assessed
  • commercial
  • property tax
  • lien date 2006
  • sales comparables
  • greenbelt
  • bank owned
  • short sale
  • post lien date
  • exemption

Search by County

  • Salt Lake County
  • rural County

Sales Tax

  • sales tax audit
  • deficiency
  • refund
  • transaction

Motor Vehicle

  • sales tax motor vehicle
  • dui
  • motor vehicle refund

Income Tax

  • income tax audit
  • erroneous refund
  • waiver of interest
  • waiver of penalties
  • time value of money
  • reduce interest assessed