Commission Decisions

What are Redacted Decisions?

Reading Commission decisions can increase taxpayers' and practitioners' understanding and application of tax law when preparing for a hearing before the Commission. Confidential information is redacted from decisions in accordance with confidentiality laws. If you are able to identify a person, entity or subject property when reading a redacted commission decision, please notify the Tax Commission immediately at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Some commission decisions involve new law or case law, new issues or general guidance from the Commission. These decisions have been issued over several years. These decisions are categorized as "Guiding Decisions". Recently issued commission decisions can be viewed below.


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Searchable Database of Redacted Decisions

This search field is more flexible and allows you to search the content of the decisions, but it may not show the most recent additions. Use the smaller search field below if you're searching for a very recently added decision. This page gives search help and hints.

Recently Issued Decisions

With this search engine, you can only search by decision number or tax type, but it's faster and shows the most recently added decisions. Click the clear filters icon to start over. Click on column headings to sort.

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10-1280 Jun 7, 2012 Income 2005, 2006, 2007 n/a
11-2437 Jun 6, 2012 Refund Request 2011 n/a
01-0421 Jun 4, 2012 Locally assessed property tax 1995 - 1999 Salt Lake
11-2938 Jun 1, 2012 Penalty and Interest 2010 n/a
12-1028 Jun 1, 2012 Motor Vehicle NA n/a
12-1253 Jun 1, 2012 Salesperson License NA n/a
12-1258 Jun 1, 2012 Salesperson License 2012 n/a
11-16 Jun 1, 2012 Locally Assessed Property 2010 Rural
10-1610 May 31, 2012 Locally Assessed Property 2009 Salt Lake
11-2081 May 30, 2012 Locally Assessed Commercial Property 2010 n/a
11-803 May 11, 2012 Income 2009 n/a
12-24 Apr 25, 2012 Locally Assessed Property 2011 Rural
10-2519 Apr 25, 2012 Sales tax 2007-2010 n/a
11-158 Apr 24, 2012 Locally Assessed Property 2010 Salt Lake
11-2658 Apr 13, 2012 Income 2008 n/a
11-3191 Apr 12, 2012 Locally Assessed Property 2011 Utah
11-818 Apr 2, 2012 Income 2008 n/a
12-360 Mar 29, 2012 Motor Vehicle 2011 n/a
10-2493 Mar 26, 2012 Income Tax 2008
11-2461 Mar 26, 2012 Income 2008 n/a
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