You must register with the Tax Commission if you meet the requirements for a tax or fee. See this page for more information. You have several options for registering.

  • Taxpayer Access Point – TAP Choose Apply for tax account(s) – TC-69. This option is only for taxes administered by the Tax Commission
  • OneStop Business Registration – OSBR With this option, you can register for a Tax Commission account; register your business with the Department of Commerce; set up an unemployment insurance account with the Department of Workforce Services; get certain city business licenses, and more.
  • Paper form TC-69, Utah State Business and Tax Registration This form can be mailed or faxed, or you can take it to one of our offices. This option is only for taxes administered by the Tax Commission

Note: Due to increased workload, the time to process new business registrations has increased significantly. Please do not submit duplicate registrations for your business using multiple methods.

Filing & Paying Taxes

After you’ve received your tax license information by postal mail, you can to to Taxpayer Access Point and create a TAP login to file and pay your taxes.

Special Requirements

Brine shrimp harvesters must register with the Utah Department of Natural Resources.

Contact the Tax Commission to file Inheritance or Gross Receipts taxes.