Mineral Production Withholding

Filing frequency: Quarterly
Filing due: Last day of following month
Payment frequency: Varies; see Utah Withholding Taxes
Forms: TC-941M (this is only for mineral production withholding, not income tax withholding), TC-675R
Note: Use forms TC-941 and TC-941R for 2017 periods and earlier
Additional Info:
Statutes: §59-6

You must withhold Utah income taxes on any gross production payments to working interests, royalty interest, or overriding royalty owners for mineral production or extraction in Utah.

Payers report and remit the withholdings to the Tax Commission and issue the payee a TC-675R reporting the income and the amount withheld. Income recipients (or final recipients if the income is passed through a pass-through entity) may claim a credit on their Utah income tax returns for the amount of taxes previously withheld.