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Do you want your refund faster?

Filing electronically is the fastest way to get your refund (2 – 4 weeks). If you file by paper, it will take 6 – 8 weeks. Do not file a paper return if you file electronically, as it will slow down the process.

How do I file electronically?

TaxExpress online servicesNothing beats e-filing for easy, accurate filing and quick refunds. Choose one of the following to e-file your income, sales, or other tax returns:

Where's my refund?

Use Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) to find the status of your income tax refund.

State Taxation of Internet Access Charges

No changes are required in the taxes collected or remitted for charges for internet access. See this Tax Notice for more information.

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It does not contain all tax laws or rules.

Tax Appeals

This page has answers to common questions about tax appeals.

Public Notices

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