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TAP Help – Change the Details of an Existing Return

Where Do I Start?

Depending on which window you are already on, you may need to click the following hyperlink:

  • Home

What Do I Do?

  1. On the Accounts tab, view the My Accounts sub-tab.
  2. Click the account ID hyperlink for the account for which you would like to change the details of a return.
  3. On the Periods tab, view the Search sub-tab.
  4. Click the View Return hyperlink for the return you wish to change.
  5. Click the Change tab to change the return details
  6. The fields in the window become editable. Make changes to the return as necessary.
    1. Many returns show a list of forms or schedules, on the right side of the window. Click the form or schedule name to change that information. The information you change is transferred back to the return.
    2. If a line item name is displayed as a blue hyperlink, click that hyperlink to jump directly to the view or schedule that supports the figure in that field.
    3. To return to the Main return view, click OK on the pop-up menu.
    4. If any form or schedule contains a field in error (or requiring a value, you’ll see an ERROR flag. You cannot save your changes if there are any views or schedules in error. Correct the error before resubmitting.
    5. If you changed a value that affects subsequent calculated values, the field in error is displayed in red and the value is re-calculated for you. You can click the hyperlink next to the field showing the recalculated value to accept that calculated value and move to the next field.
  7. After you have made your changes:
    1. Click the Submit button to amend your original return. (You must enter your password to submit the return amendment.) An information window will tell you that your request has been submitted. You can then proceed to a payment window, elect to pay at a later time, or print your return.
    2. Click the Save and Finish Later button to save the changes you made, but not submit the return request. (This requires you to finish your changes at a later time and submit the changes in order for the return to be posted.) You must enter your password and confirm that you wish to save the changes without submitting the return. Click OK. To retrieve your return, click the Requests tab and then the Waiting to be Processed sub-tab. The saved return with have a status of In Progress.
    3. Click the Cancel button to close this window without saving any of your changes.