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TAP Help – Make a Single Payment

The following steps describe how to make a payment on a single return, period, audit, etc.

Where Do I Start?

Depending on which window you are already on, you may need to click the following hyperlink:

  • Home

What Do I Do?

  1. On the Accounts tab, view the My Accounts sub-tab.
  2. Click the account ID hyperlink for the account for which you would like to add a payment.
  3. On the Periods tab, either click the Attention Needed sub-tab or click the Search Periods sub-tab and search for the period for which you would like to make a payment.
    Note: You may also choose click one of the links in the Payment Options section on the left-side menu bar.
  4. Click the Pay hyperlink for the period on which you want to make a payment.
  5. In the Payment Type dropdown box, choose the payment type you want to make.
  6. The Schedule a Payment window opens.
  7. Enter your payment date. You may choose a date up to 130 days in the future.
  8. Enter your payment amount.
  9. Enter your bank information. If you want to keep this information on file, click Save as default for… under your banking information.
    1. If you already have bank account information on file, the default bank account for the selected tax account is displayed.
    2. To choose another bank account on file, click the Choose existing bank account hyperlink.
  10. Click Submit. A window opens requiring you to authorize the payment transaction. Enter your password in the Password field and click OK.
  11. A confirmation window shows you the details of your payment and your confirmation number. Click OK to close the confirmation window.
  12. You can view your payment requests by clicking the Requests tab and then clicking the Waiting to be Processed sub-tab.