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Number Form Name Revised
Pub 9 How to Register and Title Your Vehicle in Utah Rev. 11/12
Pub 23 Vehicle Property Assessment Fees Rev. 11/13
TC-55A Claim for Refund of Fees or Sales Tax for Motor Vehicles Rev. 10/13
TC-72D Return of Expired/Unused Motor Vehicle Inventory Rev. 2/14
TC-72E Dealer Plate and Decal Requisition Rev. 11/14
TC-72G OTS Return of Expired/Unused Motor Vehicle Inventory Rev. 12/13
TC-72H OTS Monthly Decal Requisition Rev. 6/14
TC-120 Consignment Charges Agreement For Motor Vehicle Sales Rev. 3/02
TC-123 Application For Utah Duplicate Title Rev. 8/11
TC-142 Application for Special Plates and Decals (For use by Motor Vehicle dealers only) Rev. 1/13
TC-162 Application For Utah Motor Vehicle Identification Number. Use this form if you build kit cars, or reconstruct cars with major parts from other vehicles Rev. 1/13
TC-203 New Utah Special Group Plate Application Rev. 5/12
TC-300 Requirements for Obtaining a Motor Vehicle Dealer License in Utah Rev. 10/13
TC-301 Bonded Motor Vehicle Business Application Rev. 9/14
TC-303 Motor Vehicle Salesperson Application Rev. 10/13
TC-305 Motor Vehicle Salvage Buyer Application Rev. 10/13
TC-318 Dealer Transmittal Rev. 7/12
TC-353 Notice to Buyer of Vehicle Initially Delivered for Sale in a Country Other Than the United States Rev. 12/12
TC-450 Bond of Motor Vehicle Dealer, Special Equipment Dealer, Crusher, or Body Shop Rev. 10/13
TC-451 Original Complaint Report Rev. 11/13
TC-452 Temporary Permit Record Rev. 10/06
TC-459 Request For Inspection For Unbranded Title Rev. 1/10
TC-465 Waiver (Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division) Rev. 7/10
TC-502 Application to Cancel Registration Rev. 11/12
TC-542 Request for Refund of Administrative Impound Fee Rev. 6/14
TC-569A Ownership Statement Rev. 1/13
TC-569B Repossession Statement Rev. 12/12
TC-569C Survivorship Affidavit Rev. 1/13
TC-569D Statement of Facts Rev. 1/13
TC-572 Application for Utah DMV Payments Through Credit Card or Electronic Payment Rev. 5/13
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