State Income Tax Return Data 1996-2007


  1. Data Description
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. 2004 State Tax Form
  4. State Table by AGI Class
  5. Income Percentiles by Residency and Filing Status Table 1
  6. Tax Data for:
    1. All Filers Table 2
    2. By Residency Table 3
      1. FULL YEAR
    3. By Residency and Filing Status Table 4
    4. Selected Data For Full Year Residents by Filing Status and Income Decile Table 5
  7. Resident Taxable Income by Filing Status and Bracket Table 6
  8. Income Tax Liability by County and Residency Table 7
  9. Fiduciary Taxes Table 8
  10. Income tax liabilities by school district. IN PROCESS We are occasionally asked for school district data. These numbers should be considered as approximate since they are produced using Zip codes and assigning them to districts, but the correspondence is not exact.

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